Remember the time, when we cried over having really bad eyelashes and sometimes decided to stay in than going out? Well, ladies, we all did at some point in time. Looking at women with naturally gorgeous eyelashes have always been so traumatic and overwhelming at the same time. We yearned and prayed for our eyelashes to grow overnight.

eyelash extensions

Women who lack good eyelashes are beautiful too; however, they also felt the need of having fuller, voluminous eyelashes. We have tried so many DIY to get our lashes to grow. From applying castor oil and having the oil mess our eyes, to using hair growth products, hoping that maybe we too will have those great eyelashes that those lucky women do. Then there were always the fake eyelashes that we opted for. Now let’s be honest, those fake, plastic eyelashes were nothing but FAKE. It looked unreal, stood out way too much and gave a hard time moving the eyes. It was like you just could not lift your eyelids because some fake person was dragging it down with their negativity (pun intended). Wearing fake lashes have proved to be the worst though it worked out for a few. The worst part being, it came in only one particular shape. So, if we have bigger eyes than the size of the lash, you can imagine how it would look whereas if the lashes were bigger than your eyes then you had to cut them. And believe It or not, you needed up ruining more than you had paid for.

Keeping in mind the troubles women have been having, the eyelash extensions came to us all as a blessing in disguise. For, eyelash extensions were not pre-set on a thin, line of synthetic strip or plastic or fiber. Instead, eyelash extensions are synthetic fibers that are kept loose. Each lash is placed carefully on our eyelids by professionals and the adhesive used is far from what we used with the fake synthetic eyelash set. The work requires precision and there are people who are skilled to do it. It was the best invention of a beauty product and has given major opportunities and upliftment to our self-conscience.

Here’s to the 5 best reasons to eyelash extensions invention:

  1. The first reason has already been well explained. Fake lashes look ridiculous and needed to go. Thanks to eyelash extensions, we have a winner.
  2. Eyelash extensions are temporary and permanent. Getting them done saves time for it lasts from a week to a month depending on the type and procedure. You don’t need to do it regularly.
  3. It surely boosts our confidence on another level. It uplifts our mood and gives an amount of positivity that eludes from us.
  4. Eyelash extensions are luscious and voluminous. It gives a natural look to the wearer, unlike the fake lashes.
  5. Wearing eyelash extensions enhances our entire look, be it with or without makeup. It gives a dramatic look to your eyes.

Well, these were the five best reasons as to eyelash extensions being the best invention in the beauty world. We are hopeful to get upgrades in the near future, for now, eyelash extensions are the winner.