Ever since eye lash extensions came into being, it kicked the fake eye lashes out. Fake eye lashes had a flexible price range. It varied from high to low, depending on the brand name. However, fake eye lashes were just so over used and overdone that wearing them made us look really weird with the unreal shive and symmetrical lash line. For, we all know our natural eye lashes tend to be uneven, whereas these fake ones not only had a false charm to it, it came out to be perfectly lined. That was the red flag for wearing them, but we still did. For, something is always better than nothing.

Then came the eyelash extension! It was a whole new idea and required a set of professional hands to do it. For, eye lash extensions are not synthetic fiber or plastic, evenly placed on a strip and then glued to the eyelids like the false eye lashes. This new product had a charm of its own. It came in a pack of loose eye lashes made of synthetic fibers that are free of any allergens. One can not just put it on like the fake eye lashes with glue. Rather, eye lashes extensions required to place single lashes, one by one on the empty spots where there were no lashes or no possible growth of it. These extensions are placed side by side to the already non-existent existing eye lashes. For, if they existed, why would we even opt for an alternative?

The eye lash extensions are the best thing that ever happened to us. It is safe to use, has a temporary to the permanent solution and gives the wearer a natural look. However, there is one thing that lingers around our mind, which is overloaded with beauty issues, the price that we have to pay to get those natural looking eye lashes without having people say, ‘Girl your lashes are fake!’.

Every good thing has a price to pay, and when it comes to eye lash extensions, it is a pocket pinch for most of us. For, eye lash extensions require professionals to get it done and also remove it. And, even, if you know the procedure, getting eye lashes that god in quality is a farfetched idea.

Well, do not worry, for eye lash extensions can be availed to at home with a simple DIY trick. Let’s get on with it.

The home procedure:

You will need false lash strips, adhesive, scissors, clear mirror, and tweezers.

  • The first step is to get the lash strips of your own choice of colour, shape, and size
  • Second, cut these eye lashes from the strips carefully, with patience and precision

(Make sure you make two identical set of cuts)

  • Third, clean your eyes, get rid of dirt and wipe clean-dry
  • Fourth, carefully pick the lashes and apply the adhesive to it. Place them where you wish to with precision

Continue until you have placed them as per your needs

  • Lastly, wait for it to set and apply mascara.

Voila! You are ready to go.

These were the simple steps to get your own eyelash extensions at home. They are however temporary and not long-lived like the eye lash extensions from the salon. It is still a good and budget friendly way of getting your perfect eye lashes.