New beauty treatments, technologies, and trend change the way women do makeup and prepare themselves for special occasions. As you can see, many new eyelash extension and row brands emerged in the recent few years. There are beauty product manufacturing brands that are focusing on high quality cleansing products. These products are designed to help you in removing your eye makeup without damaging the lash extensions. So, now you have got the freedom of doing some experiments with your eye extensions according to new trends. Which are those trends? Let’s find out in this post.

Tinsel Lashes:

Everyone is familiar with the dangling tinsel over because it is used to decorate the Christmas tree. You may also have tried wild tinsel wigs with your Halloween costume but Tinsel Lashes!! You might not believe it but tinsel lashes are the latest in 2018. Get it if you want to grab people’s attention when talking to them. Nobody will be able to miss that unique charm of tinsel lashes.

Colored eyelashes:

It is common to see women applying colored makeup to make the eyelids look more attractive. You may have never seen any woman with colored eyelash extensions. Of course, it looks pretty charming and you can also go for it. This type of eyelashes are pretty unique and the first choice of many women. Colored eyelashes will not only beautify your eyes but also make you stand out of the queue.

Custom Lashes:

Undoubtedly, there is a tough competition among the eyelash manufacturing brands. Every brand is trying to offer something better and different that can lure more and more customers. Some unique minds in the eyelash manufacturing companies have decided to offer women with custom lashes. You can find a number of custom eyelash designs and buy a perfect set of false lashes online. Women love this type of eyelash extensions and you should also not miss an opportunity of trying something unique.

Ombre eyelash extensions:

If you really want to try something that is trending on social media, the Ombre lash extensions are what you need. Many beauticians did not believe that it was even possible to create. Now it is available and you can try it with a variety of hair styles and colors. It is a perfect choice for you if you love to party and spend rocking evenings.

Lashes covered in glitter:

Glitter has become an important part of women’s fashion. They get it on their hair, collarbones, cheekbones, and also on their clothes. What if you could make your eyes look more charming with lashes covered in glitter? It is possible now and it is a trending eyelash style. So, go for it and try it.

Many other eyelash trends are emerging and you can see many new in 2019. You should be ready to try something new so that you can maintain your unique charm among other women. There is nothing wrong in trying something different until it makes you look more charming, beautiful, and gorgeous.