Having gorgeous looking eyes has become a lot simpler since the mink eyelash extensions got popularity. Mink is the most popular lash extension material nowadays. Many women might not be using it because they do not know about the features and benefits of choosing mink over other materials.

Different manufacturers produce eyelash extensions by using different materials. Mink, faux, silk, etc. are some very popular materials. Now you might be wondering what makes mink better than other eyelash extension material. In order to find out how mink is different from normal eyelashes you must check the properties and features other types of eyelash extensions.

Silk eyelashes:

Silk lash extensions are widely chosen across the globe because of their finer and flexible texture. It is a perfect choice if you are looking for mid-weight type lash extensions. The beauticians suggest that silk eyelash extensions are the best for older clients with flimsy and weak natural lashes. You can find it several types of lengths and curls. However, the curl may not look as uniform as mink lashes. Therefore, many women do not find it pretty appealing. However, it is the first choice of women who are looking for natural looking, mid-weight eyelash extensions.

Faux mink eyelashes:

Most of the lash artists choose faux mink lash extensions. These are custom-designed poly-fiber lashes that you can buy in various sizes, diameters, curls, and lengths. The natural charm of faux mink mainly depends on the length of the extensions. Women and lash artists love it because its curls remain permanent for a very long time. In fact, it imitates the natural eyelashes perfectly without mascara or other products. It can be a suitable choice with any kind of makeup but you will have to compromise with your comfort. It is a synthetic lash extension and therefore every woman might not find it ideal to apply on natural lashes.

Mink eyelashes:

The mink eyelash extension is what you need when you want to try natural looking eyelashes. It would be a bit tough for others to judge you are using eyelash extensions or these are your natural eyelashes. Manufacturers use mink hair to prepare this type of lash extensions. High-quality eyelash extensions are prepared without using any chemical. Therefore, the clients feel no discomfort after applying it and they admire mink for its smooth touch, weightlessness, and durability.

You can read several blogs created about mink eyelash extensions and all of them will reveal how beautiful and effective this type’s eyelashes are. So, when it is a special occasion and you want to try charming eyelashes, you should prefer only mink eyelashes. It is perfect for all age’s women who want to look more beautiful and charming.

There several online stores where you can buy original mink extensions. You should beware of fake mink extensions though. Several e-retailers try to sell duplicate eyelashes in the name of mink eyelashes. So, make sure you are dealing with a reliable online retailer and choosing a brand that is famous for producing top-quality mink eyelash extensions.