The eyes are the gateway for your soul, when you use the extended lashes then it will make you to create stunningly gorgeous with lengthy and thicker eyelashes. That’s why many celebrities love to do this stunning new looks to their eyes with the help of eyelash extensions. These lash extension suits for everyone, some opt for more lashes to be thicker. Nowadays, many people started avoiding to wear mascaras because the effect on the lashes which makes irritation to the eyes and sometimes it also damages the natural lashes.

These lash extensions are made out of synthetic material and this will be applied to the natural lash with the help of special formulated glue which can last up to four weeks if it is cared and maintained properly. The eyelash curler will also enhance the lash. There are two types of curlers one is heated and other one is non heated. Heated is more effective but low quality heated curler will damage your natural eyelashes. The advantage of doing this method is in a minute you can have beautiful eyelash but it may damage your lash or weak your natural lashes by putting it on your eyes.

Why you want try eyelash?

  • These eyelashes come in different lengths and thickness which suits you and you can choose the color according to your current hair shades.
  • By having eyelash extension on your eyes you can swim, shower and sleep because it is like semi-permanent makeup.
  • It will reduce you to spend more time on your beauty management by saving your time.
  • No need of painful operations and procedures to grow your lashes.
  • You can go out without using mascara also. Therefore, these eyelashes make your eyes a fuller and glamorous look.
  • If you use eyelash, then it is perfect for weddings and parties.

If you wear eyelash then you will be filled with the compliments that your eye looks lovely, beautiful and it is free from mascara and it will not smudge if you are hurry in your mornings. If you apply eyelash extensions professionally then it will look like natural long beautiful looking lashes. There are two methods to apply eyelash on your eyes one is more expensive than the other if you decide and it depends on your budget. The other one is doing it in professional way it will be costly but it is worth to do it.

Once you choose a professional way then to apply eyelash will take one hour to one hour thirty minutes to complete it. If you are confident on your own ability, then you can gain your knowledge how to apply eyelash extension where the kits are available. It is very important when you applying adhesive on your natural lashes which will sometimes it will lead you to have uneven lashes. When you choosing eyelash extensions, there is many things you need to consider. The first is you need to know about the product review which was written by the customers. Eyelashes are one of the most top things that men and women find it as sexy. If you going to get lash extension, then it has to be approved by the FDA.

The best way to enhance your eyes with lash is having natural lash to grow lengthier and thicker in natural method itself. Because these eyelash extensions will cause damage to your natural lashes and weaken your lashes naturally.  If you are going to lash extension also use the product which does not have chemical adhesive. There is also eyelash serum is available to grow the healthy natural eyelash. This product will enhance the lashes to make them grow longer and thicker. In research they proved that eyelash serum is best option to grow eyelashes naturally without any chemical adhesive which will affect your eyelash it is not only permanent result it is also safe.

To get a natural eyelash use these oil mixtures which will grow your lashes longer and it will also promote to grow ne lashes. It has the mixture of olive oil, vitamin E oil, avocado oil, castor oil and Vaseline. Mix these ingredients well with cotton swab and apply it on your lashes regularly so you will get natural long and thicker eyelashes. To see more tips and guide that help you know more about eyelash extensions you can pay more attention to us.