Putting of eyelash extension is one of the best ways of beautifying your eyes. When you will be applying for the lash extension you will have to worry about the beauty routine and the regular makeup which you do. You will have to apply the mascara accordingly otherwise the lash extension will come out. It’s quite mandatory to put the mascara on when you have extensions.

Why are lash extensions considered to be the best?

Some people may advise you not to use the mascara when you are wearing the lash extensions. The reason behind this is quite simple because people apply the lash extension to make their eye look longer, fuller and darker. It will make it look like that you have already put on the mascara and one of the perks of using the lash extension is that you never have to worry about applying the mascara. So, most of the people put on the lash extension with the idea of not buying mascaras. But it definitely depends on the eyelash extension’s material because some are perfect while other many to apply some mascara.

super gold eyelash extensions

super gold eyelash extensions

Extra mascara

There are many people who love to apply mascara with the lash extension because some lashes are smaller or finer so in order to give it a thicker and fuller look you will definitely have to use the mascara. If the extensions are older or are having a gap then you can definitely cover up those areas of damage by applying mascaras. To get the even or optimal appearance you can definitely give it a touch up by applying the mascaras.

What kind of mascara products should you use?

Before applying the mascara you will have to decide the type of mascara that you should be using. If you apply too much of heavy mascara then it will come out with the extension so purchase the water-based mascaras. Never opt for the waterproof or the oil base mascara as they will be loosening up the extension by dissolving the glue which is holding the extension to the eyelids. Whenever you will be removing the mascara from the lash extension the product will ruin the lashes and will not easily come out. So go for the mascaras that have a very lightweight and is water based otherwise you will have to waste money on buying another extension.

How to apply the mascaras on the Lash extension

Now the entire article’s point is to tell you how to apply the mascaras to the eyelash extension as this is a tricky job so here you will have to be a bit careful when you are applying the mascara. Make sure you are not applying it to the roots of the lash extension and only focus on the tip and the middle part of the lash.

Do not apply too much of mascara as it will make the base heavier and will pull out the lashes or make it more problematic to remove it. So this is an overview on not just how to apply the mascaras on your lash extension but what kind of mascara should you use and why you should use them.