With the growth of the trend of the eyelash extension, we get a lot of options to choose from. Apart from all other types, the two basic ones are the normal lash extensions and the 3D extensions. Here are few of the points with the help which, you can get to identify these two different lash extension types.

Normal eyelash extensions are the one in which one hair of the eyelash extension is attached to one hair of the natural eyelash. The method that is used in doing so is called as one to one process. This method is obviously an old one.

Following are some of the features of the normal lash extensions.

  1. These are lighter in nature. As mentioned above in the process of this extension, one eyelash extension is added to one hair of the natural eyelash. Therefore, there are not many lashes on our lash line, which keeps it light.
  2. These are used for achieving a simple and natural yet beautiful look. These lashes are for the occasion where you do not need to do a lot of makeup and yet want to look beautiful.
  3. With this lash extension, you could get the volume to your eyelashes. Again, to understand this one should focus on the method of its application. The number of lashes extended is equal in number to that of the natural lashes. However, some volume could be created by applying mascara to it.
  4. This lash extension is not for the one who has a thin lash line. This will look perfect on those who have a full-length lash line, as the number of lashes used is very low in number.

3D eyelashes come in the category of Volume eyelashes. These are the exact opposite of the normal or classic eyelash extension. In the classic eyelash extension the process was one to one, but in these lash extensions, the process is done by extending more than one lash to the natural lash. Now if one needs a 2D lash extension then 2 fake lashes will be applied on one natural lash. In case of 3D extensions, 3 fake lashes are applied to one natural lash. The process is same in case of 4D, 5D and other respective extensions. These are very trendy now a day.

Following are the feature of this eyelash extension.

  1. This comes on a bit heavier part. Since we are attaching more than one lash, it has to be heavy from the normal lash extension.
  2. With this lash extension, you won’t get a natural look and rather it helps in achieving a really bold and expressive eye.
  3. This is perfect for the girls who do not much hair on their lash line. These types of lashes are kept in the category of volume lashes and therefore they provide a very good volume to your eyes.

Eyelash extensions are kind of a trend now and we all love this. both the lash extensions that are compared above are good at their own place and one can try them according to their need.