3D eyelashes are said to be the feature of eyelashes and due to kind of finish look that they provide to our eyes, they are considered to be the best. The look that we get from these eyelashes is due to the proper application of them. Therefore, it is very important to apply them properly.

Following are few of the tips that one should always follow while applying the 3D eyelashes

  • Before the application of any fake lashes, the very first thing that you need to keep in your mind is the type of your eyes you have. This is the very essential and initial step. This will make sure that which type of lashes will look good on you. In 3D eyelashes also there are quite a few of the options from which one could choose and for this one has to know that which will suit her best. To know the type of your eyes, you can do a little bit of research. This will help in solving of all your queries.
  • If we talk about the application of 3D lashes, then the length of these lashes matters a lot. For better understanding, we can see it in this way. The type of eyelash that we get is for achieving a particular type of look. This means that the style of the lash will be designed in a certain manner, but this does not ensure that the length that the eyelashes have is perfect. So before the application of these lashes you need to measure them and then cut them accordingly. Please ensure that you are cutting them from the vein side and do not cut them from the upper part, as this can spoil the whole lash.
  • One of the most important things that you should learn before the application of the 3D lashes is about the exact place where the lashes need to be applied.  The application of any fake eyelash seems very easy and quick but is very tough and time taking actually. This thing is very important to know, because if you apply it on a wrong side then it will be very difficult to pull it out and also the whole look will be spoiled.
  • The main part of a 3D lash application is the glue application. Glue is again is the most important thing needed in the 3D lash application. This is the reason one should know it very well as to how to apply it to the place you want to put the eyelash. Just like the above point, if you do not know how to apply glue properly you will spoil the whole eyelash and the look too.


The application of 3D eyelashes could be tricky if one does not follow or learn the steps of application properly. Also, the above mentioned tips and tricks are very important to note while doing this process. So, it is advisory to keep all this in mind while doing the process.