A variety of beauty products are available out there which worry some users. False eyelash extension is one of them. Every woman knows how beautiful her eyes can look after applying false eyelashes, but many of them have certain concerns.

There some myths about false eyelash extensions that make women believe that it is risky to apply false eyelashes. You might also have similar concerns. Probably, that’s why you are still not sure about getting false eyelashes. This post will reveal some interesting facts to resolve your confusion. Thus, you will get in a better position to decide whether or not you should get false eyelash extensions.

The risks associated with eyelash extensions:

It would be a big lie to state that false eyelashes are totally risk-free, at least till now. There are some situations in which false eyelashes can be harmful for your natural lashes. Let’s find out those situations:

  • When choosing eyelashes built from an allergic material:

Different manufacturers use different materials to create false eyelashes. That’s why you can find false eyelashes in silk, fox mink, mink, and synthetic materials. What if you are allergic to any of these materials or what if chemicals used cause irritation in your eyes? Most of the women do not consider such risks and experience irritation after applying false eyelashes. Mink is considered the best to avoid constant itch and irritation. You can avoid this risk if you choose mink eyelashes.

  • When too much glue is applied:

False eyelashes are glued on natural eyelashes. Professional lash artists perform this job very carefully and apply only the required amount of glue to avoid discomfort. It is possible that you will experience irritation after getting false eyelashes because too much glue and makeup will cause this issue.

  • Improperly applied eyelashes:

The biggest danger associated with false eyelashes is the loss of natural eyelashes. What if false eyelashes are glued on your natural lashes and you pull them off. It will come out by tearing apart your natural lashes. Thus, you may get bald eyes because of this action. The professional lash artists use high-quality glue to stick false eyelashes upon your eyelids. Therefore, you can avoid this risk if you choose to get high-quality eyelashes at a reputable lash boutique.

  • Using heavier eyelashes:

Yes, it can be very harmful for your natural eyelashes to glue heavier false eyelash extensions upon them. Cheap quality false eyelashes are slightly heavier than top quality lashes like mink eyelashes. The beauty experts believe that extra weight of false eyelashes can actually damage the charm of your natural eyelashes. So, beware of this fact.

The above mentioned risks are very troubling but these are not the only risks associated with false eyelashes. Your natural lashes work to prevent dirt and bacteria from entering in your eyes. It might not prevent your eyes when false eyelashes are applied. Therefore, you should first meet an expert lash artist and discuss the solution for all these risks. The support of an experienced lash artist and high-quality false eyelashes can prevent you from all of these risks.