10-14mm  3D-effect  faux mink eyelashes
Fluffy ,wispy and curly
Natural appearance, high quality
100% handcrafted
Does not block the sight



Wispy Natural Look Fasle Eyelashes Short Fluffy Faux Mink Eyelashes-3DL Series


About this item

  • 3DL fluffy false eyelashes, natural appearance, high quality, cost-effective, non-irritating, does not block the sight, and will not hinder the wearing of glasses.


  • 3DL  false eyelashes are short but very fluffy, ,and will let the natural false eyelashes blend to your own real eyelashes perfectly.and give you a perfect 3D effect.


  • The 3DL Faux Mink false eyelashes are made of high quality synthetic material, feel super soft and smooth, just like your natural eyelashes, suitable for any occasion.


  • Soft band, pressed from high-quality flexible cotton band, thin and strong, soft, comfortable and non-irritating. Use the 3D pressing process to perfectly fit the radian of the eyes. These lashes are with light weight and soft so all-day comfortable.


  • The 10-14mm length is not exaggerated, and the messy and curly lashes help you create a charming eye makeup.


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