There aren’t any who do not prefer to put fake or artificial eyelashes on their eyes. Even they do not prefer to apply curlers on the lashes. Due to all these reasons, eyelash extensions have become popular in the present time. Most of the salons are keeping good quality eyelash extensions that can last for a long time. Apart from this, the eyelash extension can also give a very natural look to your eyes. Why are you not trying it? If you are really searching to get some unique looks then this type of extensions are the best options. You should definitely try it.

Categories of eyelash extensions:

There are mainly three categories of extension available in the market. They are mink, silk and synthetic. Most of the sizes of the eyelash extensions vary from 6mm-17mm.  Each type of lashes has some specific features that differentiate it from others. You can try it as per your demand and requirement. It is not essential that all people will use a similar type of lashes.

You can choose the lashes extension in accordance with your eyes. It mainly depends upon the size of the eyes. It nearly takes about 2 hours to put the lashes on the eyes. It has been seen that a half set of eyelash extension is found to be much more economical.


Tips to keep the eyelash extension natural:

When you have put the lashes it is also important to maintain it as much as possible. The longevity of the lashes mainly depends upon your maintenance and care. When the eyelash extension is applied to the eyes it is seen that the eyes remain closed so there is less chance of getting glued. However, there are certain tips to provide a natural look to the extensions.

  • The eyelash that provides a feathery look to your eye is the mink extension. It is more beautiful and expensive at the same time. This type of extensions also provides a natural look to your eyes.
  • The eyelash extensions can stay in good condition for about 6-8 weeks. If anybody wants a natural look of the extensions, then they should go for regular touch-ups. This can help in maintaining the natural appearance of the extensions.
  • In order to get a natural look, it is always advised to get it put from some reputed places and from experienced hands. Never try to pull the extensions as it can be harmful to the eyes.
  • Never apply waterproof mascaras on the extensions as they can pull your original lashes. This can also affect your eyes to a great extent. So try to avoid such items as much as possible. Mascaras should be applied only on the tip of the extensions and that too very lightly. No pressure must be given on the extensions in any way.
  • Soon you will see that the extensions become a part of the body as they are perfectly matched with it. At the same time, try to choose the extensions that go well with your eyes. A matched extension will also provide a natural look to your eyes.  There are wide varieties of extensions available in the market. Choose the one that goes well with your eyes or if required, do consult with an experienced salon professional. They can guide you in the best possible way.
  • Lastly, be careful while removing it from the eyes. Never scratch it or pull it as it can be dangerous for the eyes. Also, follow a regular touch up to get the best results.

Everyone wish to have a beautiful look rather they dream to have a look that will be quite different from others. An eye is the most important part of the human body. It is also said to be the most attractive part. A person with beautiful eyes will always have an attractive appearance. So they are always praised. But now even if you don’t have such beautiful eyes you can try something new. The eyelash extension is the most innovative type of invention in the present time. It can really change your look and provide with an amazing one. Try it and you will be surprised to see your new look.